SuperBowl Crock Pot Chili – Good Grub Berlin, MD

I don’t really like to follow recipes, nor do I keep track when I am putting something together on my own. A little or this, a lot of that, many tastings and tweaks and the fam is usually happy. In honor of this weekend’s SuperBowl, I prepared a crockpot of steak chili. It was fully enjoyed by all while watching the best commercials, I mean football game of the year.
chopped garlic, and lots of it!
chopped onion
chopped jalapeno
all in the crock pot!
adding chopped steak
crushed tomatoes
black beans and corn

Followed by salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, lots of cumin, and in the last hour add 
corn. Serve with your favorite toppings, we usually have sour cream, shredded cheese
hot sauce of choice and tortilla chips!

finished product, just in time for the game!