Day Trip on the Eastern Shore – Easton, MD

In the dead of winter, even a mild one such as this, it is good to get out of town and see what else our area has to offer. Easton, MD is another small historic town located close to the shores of the Chesapeake Bay,  with shopping, restaurants and live music venues.

The NightCat is a wonderful intimate venue for live music and performances, located at 5 Goldsborough Street. On another visit to Easton, we attended an amazing show at the NightCat, featuring a handful of regional acts performing acoustically. The Avalon Theatre is another venue with history that also brings in some larger performances, next time we head that way I want to be sure to make a stop there.

Saturday was a family trip, with some antiquing, window shopping, even a stop into the Gun Shop (our 7 year old was disappointed they didn’t sell bazooka’s.) This trip to Easton was for a celebration of a birthday and gathering of extended family that live on two sides of the Chesapeake Bay. The Tidewater Inn was the meeting grounds, and made for a wonderful lunchtime celebration. Hunter’s Tavern is the restaurant located inside the historic inn, which beautifully blends the old with the new. Classic eastern shore fare such as crab cakes and oysters are featured on their menu, I suggest starting with one of their delicious Bloody Marys topped with crab claw garnish. When we head back to Easton for a show at The Avalon, we will be sure to stay overnight for the full experience the Tidewater Inn has to offer.