Happy New Year! Year of the Dragon

Today is Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dragon. In our home this is a big deal, as when Nellie was 4, she became intrigued with Asian culture. When we took her to China at Epcot in Disney, we learned that she was born the Year of the Dragon, and all the sudden it made sense her interest in dragons! Well for her birthday this year, Year of the Dragon, she wanted to celebrate Chinese New Year.

We researched the traditions, decorating using red and gold, and cleaning the house for a fresh start to the year. Preparing the dinner was a lot of fun, making wontons, shrimp stir fry with noodles ( a sign of longevity) and fried rice. Figured we should make the foods that the kids would enjoy as well. Maybe next year we will attempt the whole fish!
So here is to the new year, a year full of good luck, good fortune and happiness for all!