8 Steps to Happiness

People use everything from prayer to booze to keep them positive (some people use them  interchangeably) but whatever your method, having a Positive Mental Attitude can be contagious. So without being overly-annoyingly-chipper, I offer the following.

On the Coastal Surf Supplies trip to Florida for the Surf expo, a first time travel mule (guy who came to help with set up and break down) remarked
“Man you guys are nice to everyone”    It is true that it doesn’t  matter if you are the salty subway sandwich artist or the head of a major surf manufacturer our approach is the same.  Make a crack that includes the stranger across from you, laugh and make them  smile and they are no longer a stranger. The bonus is you feel better and they do too. At Coastal we always have fun while we work, kinda like some little people I know that are all into one chick.  “Whistle while you work”

It’s contagious like the elderly woman that walks around Berlin MD and waves to everyone.  I mean everyone , and its not a little whats-up-nod either it is a full on hand above the head, arm-fat-floppin wave to every car, truck, bike or walker that crosses her path.  I wonder if she started her exuberant waving when cars first made it to Berlin and has never been able to stop.  But it is great and everyone who has seen her can’t help to feel the same way

So I came up with an 8 Step program for happiness – .  Take eight steps and wave to someone, repeat.

Good luck, and Cheers on a Friday