Artist Spotlight – Girl Talk

When I caught up with Greg Gillis the famed “Girl Talk” I asked him what it is like to be a pioneer in the art for of sampling……Boy wouldn’t be great if that was really the case.  No I didn’t interview Girl Talk but will hopefully be able to sometime soon.  For what it is worth, I think he is one of the most ingenuous artist of our time.  Turning tinkering with familiar songs into new ones and in the process raising questions about piracy and the fair use act.  All the while developing a live performance career that has been seen by hundreds of thousands and garnered a fan base that is far and wide and sometimes notable (i.e. Paris Hilton)

It is appropriate that today we spotlight Girl Talk on the day that Congress will vote on two bills that will in effect censor the internet and could harm American access to good clean fun.

Celebrating 10-plus years of sample-obsessed production and relentless touring, Gregg Gillis returns with All Day, his fifth album as Girl Talk, and his most epic, densely layered, and meticulously composed musical statement to date. Continuing the saga from the previously acclaimed albums, Night Ripper and Feed The Animals, Gillis lays down a more diverse range of samples to unfold a larger dynamic between slower transitions and extreme cut-ups. With the grand intent of creating the most insane and complex pop collage album ever heard, large catalogs of both blatantly appropriated melodies and blasts of unrecognizable fragments were assembled for the ultimate Girl Talk record (clocking in at 71 minutes and 372 samples).

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