Pay It Forward, There Are Angels Out There

It is not a secret, the economy has sucked. Not many jobs out there, income is down for many, bills are a stress every month. To combat this we made the concerted effort to downsize our expenses by selling our bigger house and renovating a much smaller, cozy home. Still have a long road ahead, but things are looking up!

After a routine tune-up I was told (which was already obvious to me) that I was in desperate need of tires. We already knew that Todd needed tires as well…tires are an large expense, and right after moving and the holidays, it was not a great time to make such a purchase. While looking into the best and most affordable options, I had many friends contact me with advice on where to purchase. One friend, whom is out of the country at the moment, said he could get me a good price from a friend who sells tires. We talked back and forth, exchanging information to get an estimate, next thing I knew I received an email stating that my tires had been ordered and that they would be shipped soon. What?!? Seriously?! I was floored! My jaw dropped, quite literally, my face got all flushed, I couldn’t believe that someone would make such a purchase! Of course I said thank you, profusely, but I also vowed to pay him back as soon as possible. His response was, “let this be my Oprah moment”, good karma and all.

Angels are out there, to help when you least expect it. Thank you to my angel, when you get back to the country we are taking you out! This generous act has made me think about what I can do to make a difference in someone’s life. We don’t have to make grand gestures to make a difference, they can be small and meaningful as well. I can’t wait to “pay it forward!” Think about doing the same when you can. April 26th is Pay It Forward Day…aiming to inspire over 3 million random acts of kindness. Our world needs more kindness, wouldn’t you like to participate as well? Any day is good for random acts of kindness. We can all make a difference in someone’s life.

Have a wonderful weekend, and focus on the positive 🙂