My Love For Villains

Those who know me, know that I have been a big fan of all things Disney. Not to the point of tons of collectibles, but a fan nonetheless. Beyond being a fan in general, I have more of an interest in the villains. There is something about the characters that have been deemed villains in Disney movies. I dont long to be evil, I am just intrigued by them. My favorite being Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. When two of my favorite things came together, MACĀ CosmeticsĀ and Disney Villains, of course I had to get it! You may have seen me in the bright purple lipstick, with the likeness of Maleficent on the tube, I tend to wear it when the mood strikes…Maybe tonight!

Getting to act out my favorite Villain…
photo of David Beckham as Prince Phillip of Sleeping Beauty, photo by Annie Leibovitz
An Amazing Digital Painting by Arnaud de Vallois