Mary Keeps Hiding My Beers…

Mary keeps hiding my beers.

You may have noticed a lack of wild and crazy parties and pictures.  (Not that is ever what you really found here).  While still going strong with posts and stories about the local happenings and dynamic content we have also started a project to renovate a 100 year old home that will serve as the GCFL campus by Summer 2012.

The plans includes two concrete pools, for skating and swimming, a state of the art recording studio, and a sound and light studio similar to industrial light and magic, and garage/bar filled with priceless vehicles .  The undisclosed location is on a 20 acre plot in the middle of downtown Berlin.   Cause I wanna have the best view of the Christmas parade.

The Garage out Building

Fine, it may not be all that, but I wouldn’t rule it out. If you wanna find out what is really going on, check the Home Slice section on our half-sister site for eastern shore general lifestyle news.  Yes it is a bit more modest than I first let on, however it is full of character. Which is good cause we have always had our house full of characters.  Our former theme parties are an example of the friends and family of all different sorts that we hold dear.  This “new-old” house has a lot of character and even has taken on a personality of its own.  Those who have stopped by know that there as been a spot in the kitchen that where we ripped down the wall paper to reveal what would appear to be the silhouette of a woman.  Mary perhaps, the former owner who was born in the house lived in it for her entire life till she was 97?  Certainly that is not a character that just ups and leaves.

Mary watching in the kitchen

Just this week we skimmed over that spot in the wall to get ready for finishing.  The funny this is that we had said that she was watching the progress of the house.  With her covered up she may be a little restless.   Last night working into the night and having a couple beers, I couldnt help to think – the character was being a little more mischievous.  Doors that are open that were closed a moment before and objects moving from where I set them has become standard fare.  But last night Mary keep hiding my beer!  Maybe I had one too many or maybe Mary wants to see me get it done.

Anybody who is a medium that wants to come by let me know.  In the mean time I’m taking the picture that we have of her over to the house so she can keep an eye on things.