Skinny 4 Life

I have started a gang, a league of extraordinary gentleman, the sad thing is that what is extraordinary about it is that  we are skinny.   In the day and age of an obesity epidemic, Skinny 4 Life is a couple dudes, who fit an arbitrary criteria – .i.e. stays active but still drinks beer and  is over a certian age but under a certain height.  This gang its not something you can make your self you just are, being blessed genetically with a high metabolism helps for sure. Our sole mission as a gang is to find what our mission is by adopting many differing missions.  We are not a charitable that raises money, instead this group raises clinched fists in the air and shouting “SKFL” in restaurants after eating a hearty meal.  We are looking for a few skinny men.  Check the latest recruiting video.

Break ton Neck from Alex Yde on Vimeo.