Kids are Soft, How Will They Succeed?

“Kids today are soft” – this is a quote from a friend who teaches and coaches.  Having  a students of my own in elementary, middle, and high schools, I have seen both sides of the argument but on the whole I agree with the above cartoon. I often joke about how we raise our kids on the strength thru neglect program.  But the truth is we are pretty strict with them but it is balanced with love and affection.  Some kids are coddled and hats off to teachers that get told to their face at a school dance to F- off by a student and then get a tongue lashing from the Parents of the same student cause she threw him out?!?!  That teacher deserves a metal for not slappin the kid and drop kicking the parents.  Now that story is all hear say, after all I did hear it through the filter of a 17yr old brain.  But my point is that to have upstanding citizens of tomorrow some time you need to break it down a little.

Here is another example in the news. an opinion by LZ Granderson about the high school football coach that got Fired after his half time rant got posted on the web..  “Coach was ticked because they weren’t playing together as a team. What kind of player leaks his coach’s speech to the press?

A selfish one, thus proving his point.”

LZ Granderson CNN Article

So remember it takes a lot of hard work to have all this good clean fun.