Here There Be Bosses

by Tony Russo
Our first ultra-live show didn’t go quite according to plan, but there were heavy hors d’oeuvres provided, so it was kind of a wash.

The plan has been to add microphones so that those of you who make it out to the recording can hear us without sitting at a nearby table. This week was to be our big debut but we realized that the Wicomico County Rotary, who had booked a function into Burley Oak Brewery, was probably not too interested in hearing our shenanigans so we killed the project until next week. More on that in a second.

Todd DeHart, my co-host, wasn’t familiar with the Rotary and the best explanation I could provide was that it was a businessperson’s group, which confirmed the decision to be less live than we intended.

The big news this week on the Todcast was the stormwater photo contest winners, which were announced in the paper today. This was not only because I’m pretty sure we got to break the news, but also because it gave me an opportunity to tell the story of how I nearly single-handedly killed everyone in the region. The short version is what I thought was an apocalyptic stomach virus turned out to be merely food poisoning. With all the mixing I did at the Women Supporting Women event Friday, it was probably for the best.

Absent a guest, we chose an issue this week: Why kids today can’t dance.

It isn’t as if they aren’t trying but club type dancing has increasingly morphed into a kind of joyless motion and we endeavored to find out why.

As a bit of both a teaser and a preview I’ll go only as far to say it has to do with music segregation on the radio, as stations become genre driven, the kind of dancing people do is also becoming a little static. While it could totally be a coincidence, it would be a really odd one.

Fortunately, on next week’s show, we’ll have the opportunity to test out that hypothesis as we welcome Bulldog, who hosts the morning radio show at Ocean 98.1 FM.

And speaking of previews for next week, make sure to check in both here in the paper and on the Todcast as well for details about the double Halloween Berlin is having this year. Saturday there will be big events including the Haunted Hallway and a pumpkin carving and decorating contest. Todd and his sidekick (me) are among the celebrity judges. At first it was weird to be asked as a celebrity but when I discovered I was standing in Todd’s glow it all began to make sense.

Feel free to join us 6 p.m. each Tuesday for the Happy Hour Todcast at Burley Oak Brewery. If something tragic keeps you from coming out, you can always check out the resulting recording Thursday afternoon by subscribing on iTunes. Just type GCFL into the search bar at the iTunes store to subscribe. It’s free, fun and only requires a half-hour listening investment. Fair warning before you listen: Put on your irony hats, kids. It’s all in good clean fun.