Six Eleven Salon & Gallery: Bringing Beauty & Art Together

Six Eleven deserves to be spelled out in its entirety, after all it is a classy place with a simple mission, just like the script lettering of a number.  The mission, as I see it,  is to make people feel and look good.  Jill is in charge of the looking good part,  and Chico is in charge of the feel good.  Part of the beauty is both influence each other as they are working and supporting together to raise two beautiful daughters.  Jill  has credentials and testimony a mile long to prove she can make you look good. though I’ve never gotten a wax from her ( its just not been in the cards recently) I have seen first hand the pluck, sculpt, and paint she has done.  If the tell tale sign of a good haircut is that other compliment you with out knowing what is different, Jill reigns supreme in the areas you want to look good but don’t want anyone to know you have have “work” done like eyebrows.

Chico, who will run the gallery  portion, is less…..shall we say delicate with his trade.  Chico is one of my favorite artist.  Part street artist, part small town guy, originally from snow hill, he debunks the idea that “urban” art needs to come from a urban area.  His paintings are not delicate but beautiful in there own right.  He has a good eye for art too, growing up appreciating the fine art of Patrick Henry so curating the likes of Trevor Dunt  will be easy.  This Salon and Gallery will further cement the West OC area as a hub of art and fashion, I for one can’t wait to see the beauty that these two, and this venue, bring to bare.