Ghost of Rockville

Just in time for the the darker time of year comes an inventive new book for young readers.  Ghost Of Rockville by Justin Hiemberg takes readers on a supernatural adventure and  “introduces MagicView, an amazing new technology that allows readers to live out the adventure, joining the characters as they reveal fingerprints, peer into crystal balls, and stare down the ever-changing face of a menacing apparition.”

It is a well know fact that I am not much of a reader( as is evidenced by my writing, grammar, and punctuation.)  There is part of me that believes if I had more inventive ways of enjoying reading I would have better about making it a life long habit.   So congrats to my good friend, Justy,  for publishing the type of book I could have used it in my formative years.  Check it out  HERE and pick up a copy for your self and the emerging reader in your life.

Not to mention there is a character that is an attractive librarian with the DeHart.  Inspiration from GCFL’s own Natalee?  I wonder.

Awesome trailer too.