Get in the Zone – Ocean City Entertainment

Pro Skater Andy Mac Stopped in during the Dew Tour

As many may know I have a radio show on Saturday nights on Ocean 98.  It’s called the Party Zone, which is a carry over from the previous Jock….the Mix of Music is the usual diverse mix of the Best of Rock that Skip Dixxon, the program manager, has diligently put together, Plus some of my own selections, and requests thrown in.  So, if you are looking to hear a straight thumpin beat of “Party Tunes” you ain’t….. you can come to the studio and go down stairs for that.  I say downstairs cause the broadcast booth is located directly above the Tiki Bar at Seacrets, Jamaica USA.  Seacrets is arguably the most popular club on the east coast and definitely the heart of the party especially on a Saturday Night in the summer.  Hence, the Party Zone is more a description of the atmosphere from the broadcast as opposed to the genre of music.  That said, we have a GOOD time and play some FUN music.

Its often a party atmosphere and usually have some in-studio guest.  This past week a couple Jack Daniels girls came in – Brandi, a long time fav but microphone shy, and  new girl Dani came by the studio late ( in attempt to drag me away to Pickles.) Dani’s exuberance was contagious, not sure if was from her youth full outlook or the 5 hour energy that she swears by.  Either way she has declared that she has a driving record rap sheet a mile long including 4 hit and runs  She added “Two that I got away with”

Wow, don’t be in the parking lot when she is leaving!  Well she claims she wants to be an intern for the Party Zone because she can “wear wigs and do a Russian accent”?!?! We’ll see if Intern ‘Wiggie’ makes an appearance on next Saturdays show during Bike Week.