Lifes Lemonade Stand

So I had an awesome blog about the importance of having a positive attitude and choosing to set the tone around you.  I had been stewing on it since days before and got it just about written in one fell swoop this morning, but I was a bit hurried because it was another busy day in the DeHart household.  Nat was particularly anxious to get going and leaning on me to do the same.  Once I had dumped out my brain which was full of helpful ideas and witticisms to keep you, the reader, entertained and inspired.  I was a hurried and little agitated, I quickly closed my computer to keep up with the schedule …….auto save right?!!??  Wrong! In my haste I didn’t save or allow enough time to auto save. Bummer it could have made my day a little more crappy.  Instead I tried to practice what i was preachin and make the most of it.

Hey it happens to us all, external factors all play a part in defining our mood and attitude.  However,  there is a greater power at play and that is your own free will.  The concept is that you can choose your attitude like you choose what shoes to wear.  (I stole that line from “Eat Pray Love”  but its a good one.)

Those who know me, know that I’m a pretty positive guy.  I suppose I always have been, but it is the day and age of doom in gloom on the news channels and weather extremes that make you actually consider if mother nature just as a sick sense of humor.  It is also the day of instant gratification and get rich/healthy/happy quick programs. The ton of books, seminars and Blogs (maybe this one included) just add to the noise of you should be doing this or not doing that.
here is me not trying to had to the noise but instead be a thought leader. so try this…

1) Rise above the external factors that may surround you

2) Choose to set the tone of the people around you

3) Be aware of how your mood affects the people around you

4)Stay off the sauce  – mostly but not completely

Free Yourself – Live Like You Have Nothing to Lose