Andy Mac Party at Ground Zero

Checkin in Before the Goin on air

Ten years ago I watched Andy Mac in the X Games Doubles Competition as he competed against our own Matt Dove and Bucky Lasek.  It was great to watch back then and great to see all those guys again this weekend on our home turf of Ocean City on the beach.  One of the best parts of the Dew Tour was the accessibility of the athletes,  by all accounts of local encounters said that they are all just regular guys.  One such run in landed me a one on one interview with Andy Mac for my Saturday night Radio show on Ocean 98.1.  Thanks to Jenny Carven for setting up the Grind for Life after party at Pickles Pub on Wednesday (Andy sits on the board for Grind For Life) and making the introduction.

Having the opportunity to chat with him of course I would ask about having him on my Saturday night talk show on Ocean 98.  Only Problem is that its…… I don’t have a talk show (and for good reasons.)  No worries the Party Zone is a Music program but always seems to have people poppin in to say “Hi.” (maybe it has something to do with the fact that the station is located above Seacrets.)

At any rate Andy stopped by, got him parked and up to the studio amongst the chaos below.  We sat a chatted on breaks and geek-ed out talking technical about skateboarding and the Pros and Cons of taking a 2 1/2 yr old to Carnival in Rio. All in all it was great to have him on and even had some callers voicing their enjoyment.  And you never know, if the Dew Tour comes back to Ocean City, I will make sure that the local independent radio station gets all the love it deserves.

What an easy Guy to Talk too.
“hmmmmm  you don”t say”
Andy mac, Ms Jessica, D Todd
Picture taker Frank Flemming with subjects
yep Any Mac and Tony H.  at the X games Philly 10 yrs ago
Andy Mac, Bucky , Hawk, Discussing Matt Doves Best Trick