Great Day For Amped Riders

Yesterday at the Grind for Life’s Commotion Down the Ocean turned out to be a great day for not only one nonprofit Organization but two.  The second being Ocean City’s very own Amped Riders, as they where on the scene, thanks to generous help of Mike Rodgers of Grind for Life.  Mike gave Garry and the kids a hang out spot in the Vendor village to sell some decks and T-shirts as well as get the message about thier amputee advocacy group of skaters.  That would have been enough but they also, got the opportunity for more exposure with an interview with Chris Pastras of Fuel TV and Local News TV coverage.

Hanging with some Pros and sessioning the pool with live music playin wasn’t all bad either.

The guys that come up for this week are making the transformation from being members of an awesome support organization to being Ambassadors for Amped Riders what will undoubtedly blowup big.

Rob Chattin with Benji
Garry couldn’t decide what foot to wear
Garry carving deep end
The crew posin for Ocean city
Amped rider deck signed by a bunch of the pros
Big Thanks to Mike Rodgers
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