Local Challenge Tuesday – The Tomatoes Are Coming!

Tomatoes are one of the first foods I remember having plants of. Growing up with my Italian grandparents growing tomatoes and peppers, and my mom growing the same plus greens, peas, and blackberries. Ever since we have had a yard I have grown tomatoes, sometimes a good season, sometimes not so much. This year we have heirloom varieties of tomatoes and cucumbers, both of which have made delicious salads.

This past Friday Nellie made her weekly trip to the Farmers Market, and for some reason bought a large bag of tomatoes, stating she wanted to learn how to make salsa. So I figured that is what we would do! She did most of the chopping, taking care to not touch her eyes after cutting up 3 different types of heirloom peppers, one from our yard and two from Chesterfield Heirlooms. Using all local ingredients, we made a pico de gallo, and it was gone in no time! Here is what we did:

Diced up several tomatoes, peppers, onion and garlic. Mixed together with a little olive oil, lime juice, salt and pepper. Served with salty tortilla chips and it was absolutely refreshing! Try it for yourself this week, for YOUR local challenge.