Hipsters Are the Skaters of Yester Year

The cool kids are coming to town this week….the Dew Tour and all its splendor will be here, so hide your girlfriends hide your children –  these athletes are notorious for making housewives into hot messes with their tattoos and scruff faces.  However I remember we (skaters, I include myself ) started out as the punks and social outcasts a generation ago.  I was skating before it was cool and now it is hip… interestingly people who appear to be hipsters are un cool.

Are Hipsters this generations Skaters?  Lets do some thinking.
Skaters in my day where ridiculed and hated by many in the main steam.  –  Hipsters have websites dedicated against them.
Skaters in my day wore clothes that was intentionally counter culture  (i.e. cargo pants and chain wallets) that was eventually adopted in more main stream.  –  Hipsters dress weird.
People eventually would love to socialize and pose as skaters. – Macky’s Mustache Bash

Macky’s has an entire party covertly called a Mustache Bash that will encourage young people to wear mustaches, which unless you are in the band The Electric Company and have a mustache as an under 40 yr old you are doing it ironically which is a tell sign of hipster.  There is no doubt that there will be plenty of Hip guys and Gals at Macky’s tonight sporting mustaches and i would not be at all surprised if there are a bunch of nonprescription horned rimed frames in the crowd as well.