Artist Spotlight on Doug James

When I got into modeling for hobby, I was working with photographers from outside the area, until I found Doug. The first time I shot with Doug, I still think those are some of my most favorite photos i have to date. I was used to studio work, and these were more natural, less photoshopped. I felt he captured the real me, and I have suggested to many friends who have an interest in giving it a try, to start with Doug.


Artist Spotlight!/dougfotografix

Doug James is known in the area for his photography, capturing the beauty inside and out. From scenic beach shots with girls in bikinis, to sophisticated fashion shots in locales that even those that live in the small towns don’t recognize. Fashion photography is his desire and goal, and with the portfolio he has collected he is well on his way.
“I’m into simplistic shoots that require little or no help as I prefer natural lighting with an occasional shot of light just to break things up. I like to travel and carry my Nikon with me. I’ve shot for local calendars, restaurants and other local businesses for over 5 years. i’ve worked full time in the utility industry for the past 20 years and always keep a camera with me for the “one shot”.”