Tropical Communicative Disease

Seasonal summer has not even started officially yet and we have already had two heat waves and looking down the barrel of a third.  Weather is the easiest thing to talk about because it is the one thing  we all share, Normally I boycott talking about the weather, however, there is a serious concern that is affecting the geology and climate of the central east coast, specific to Ocean City, MD.

I spoke with Justin Hiemberg a Climate Specialist over at The Questionauts.  It turns out that the amount of Palm trees that are imported to Ocean City Bars and Restaurants for the summer tourist season have also brought the tropical weather with them.

“Its a naturally occurring tropical clamydia.” says Heimberg  “Trees eat oxygen and expel C02, and clean the air.  Palm trees from tropical areas often have a ‘loose’ disposition and will contract clamydia and ‘spread’ it in new areas where they are trans-planted.”

This Clamydia (transferred tropical climate)  can result in a warm burning sensation with some discomfort (sunburn). Of course most people really enjoy the warmth of the sun and the shade of the trees and the feeling the get while here in Ocean City, but treatment is available for tourist when they return home in the form or aloe and antibiotics.  For the Locals, most have it all summer long, and some will even seek it out in the off season in places like Costa Rica.  So just remember use protection…..