Local Challenge – More Inspiration!

Away on vacation down in North Carolina has allowed me time to read a book I checked out from the library, in the new releases non-fiction…called “The Dirty Life” by Kristin Kimball. Obviously I have an interest in locally produced food, and reading this book has made me want to farm as well! It is not an easy life, but one rooted in simplicity and hard work that has to be extremely satisfying.

To see someone who has made such a change in their lifestyle, is truly inspiring that it tempts me to follow through with the thought of selling our home for a smaller house on some small amount of land, where we could raise chickens and grow fruits and vegetables year round. Our ten year old desperately wants to have a farm, but I am afraid that when she reaches her teen years that drive may change.

Those of you who are interested in sustainable farming, you should read this book. Their goal of supplying the community with their “whole diet” is something that I would love to find in our area. How nice would it be to join a CSA that could supply all your dietary needs!

Zephyr Squash

With the Local Challenge we are participating in this August, I will do the best I can to purchase as much of our dietary needs from local sources. To follow up from past posts, here is some of the growth taking place at The Good Farm.