Kids, Art, Tie Dye & Finally Vacation!

Punk Rock Fish Studio on rt 611 in West Ocean City, owned by Matt Dove, is often opened up to children for Kids Art Days on select weekends. We have been to the gallery for several art shows over the past couple years, but it was great to be able to bring the kids in. They have paper on the floor and walls for kids to decorate at their whim. Coffee brewed with Brown’s Beans (deliciousness….) is served for the parents in attendance.

The week we went was to tie dye t-shirts. RVD was the one showing the kids the technique used. For some of the older kids, Matt was showing them another way to alter t-shirts. Outside, Matt had set up an area and used black t-shirts with lace and other stencils. He was teaching about setting up the shirt, placing the lace or stencil over it, and spraying bleach with a fine mist, and as evenly as possible. Rinse well once the shirt has faded as much as you’d like, and before you know it you have a custom designed shirt!

Fun family day, and in thinking of that day reminds me that I will be headed on a family vacation on Sunday, one that we have done for 11 years now, with 40 some relatives. An annual family reunion if you may. I look forward to down time and time with family, appreciating the small things.

Enjoy 🙂