Flashback to College Days, Ahh the Memories

1994, Towson State University, downstairs of Richmond having a discussion about who wants to go see Live at Loyola College. I was not a fan of the only Live song I had previously heard, and was not too keen on the idea of buying tickets for the show. Thankfully my better half convinced me it would be at least fun, a large group of us heading down to the show. Loyola College Auditorium, not sure what it’s actual name is, was where the show was. Weezer opened and at the time the Sweater Song was extremely popular. Good stuff…Live took the stage and I changed my mind on how I thought I felt about them.

Seeing live music can almost always be an enjoyable experience. Seeing Live live, in a small auditorium, right up front in the pseudo-moshpit (how do you “mosh” to Live anyway?) was a great experience, until I sprained my ankle and had to watch the rest of the show from the risers at the back. All in all, great live music experience, and thanks to Todd for convincing me to attend.

Yesterday, Ed Kowalczyk of Live played an intimate show at the Oasis Bar & Grill in Whaleyville to a crowd of ticket winners from 93.5 The Beach.