Fun With Google by Bryan Russo – Part II

Liberals so condescending
Lipids so important
Legos so expensive

Michael Jackson’s kids white
Manhole covers round
Men attracted to breasts

New Zealanders called Kiwis
Noble gases reactive
Nurses important

Opera singers fat
Older woman called cougars
Oranges orange

People posting colors on Facebook
People ticklish
People racist

Q-Tips called Q-tips
Quarterbacks usually white
Quiet people picked on

Republicans so stupid
Raincoats yellow
Relationships so hard

Sinuses so susceptible to infection
Samoans so big
Switchblades illegal

There no cats in the Bible
The Kardashians famous
There so many songs about rainbows

Uggs so expensive
US troops in Afghanistan
Uranus and Neptune blue

Viruses referred to as obligate parasites
Vampires so popular
Video Games Bad

White people called crackers
Women so crazy
We here

X-rays dangerous
XML standards important
X-Box 360 games 60 dollars

Yawns contagious
You applying for this position
You applying for this position-answer

Zoos good
Zombies so cool
Zhu zhu pets out of stock