2nd Season is Still Beautiful!

This past weekend was incredibly gorgeous….I love being able to hang out at the beach, without actually having to do the whole beach thing. I know that doesn’t make sense, but yesterday was the 2nd Annual Tavern Bike Rally, located on the boardwalk at 16th street. This year we actually participated in the event, by having the kids paint their bikes…what a blast that was! Since we tend to have hand-me-down bikes, we figured allowing the kids to refurbish the bikes themselves, helps them take a sense of pride and ownership. They also both wanted to wear outfits that matched the new styles of their bikes.
The event draws a variety of bikes, from the most creative decor, to genius mechanical inventions, to old vintage rusty bikes, that still somehow shine through. Friends gather that are finally getting to catch up after the busy summer, kids running around on the beach just out front, enjoying some delicious Mexican dishes and Make-Your-Own Bloody Mary’s.
You can’t beat the Tavern and all the great people it gathers…check it out all in the off-season!