A wedding is a wonderful thing.  Many of today’s couples want to have a special and unique experience.  Reverent but fun.  Years ago some close friends that that we had previously introduced, decided to get married and asked if I would do the honors of marrying them.  Perhaps it was because we introduced them, or that I had a respectful yet non-denominational view of religion, or that i had observed the inner-workings and mechanics of weddings while growing up watching my father,a Methodist minister, perform countless ceremonies.

GCFL Weddings 3

I am officially a Minister of the Universal Life Church.  My personal belief is in the balance of life and the pursuit of understanding.  There is no fun without deep meaningful experience, and there is no laughing and good times without doing social good.  Good Clean Fun Weddings provide just that to couples looking for a well balanced approach to a unique and special experience.

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