Decompressing in D.C.

Summertime is our busy season, and yes we have a ton of fun working! But sometimes you need to take some time to yourself to decompress, and unplug. A childhood friend was going to be in DC for a week, and she reached out to myself and another friend to see if we could catch up. We met at the Portrait Gallery and wandered the museum admiring the artwork and catching up on the last 6 months. We enjoyed lunch together and parted ways.   I decided to make a full experience of it, and booked a room at the Hotel Monaco across the street, and enjoyed some good food, wine and quiet time to myself. It just so happened that within a couple blocks of where I was staying, there were a couple Jose Andres restaurants. I decided to visit his flagship property in DC, Jaleo. Found a seat at the bar and decided to order a bit of everything! After great service and amazing food I walked back to the hotel and grabbed a chilled glass of Rose and enjoyed the evening.   The realization of how important solo time is, as well as time to get away from it all, hit me all at once. A short 24 hour trip out of town, was all I needed to feel rested and ready to get to work.