Dusty Lamb Opens to a Packed House in Berlin

by:Jerry Kiesewetter

Residents, and a long list of local luminaries, turned out en masse to show their support for the arts, as local artist, Patti Backer, opened the doors to “The Dusty Lamb” this past Saturday night. Patti, and her husband, Jason, worked countless hours getting the space ready in time for the opening. Their efforts definitely paid off. The Dusty Lamb features Patti’s whimsical paintings, paper goods, and hand-painted furniture pieces. Patti’s style is immediately identifiable, often by the wide-eyed creatures depicted in her playful paintings and drawings. Big-eyed birds, cats, and rabbits all play in their own enchanted worlds. Patti has a knack for making even bats, snakes, and skulls take on an “awww, aren’t they cute” quality! The shop also features “art and oddities” by several local favorites, including Marc Emond, Darren Wood, and Pedro Mule, to name a few. The Dusty Lamb is located at 12 William Street in Berlin, and will be open seven days a week. Visit them on Facebook!


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