Happy Year

This March GCFL will celebrate 10 years as a website and 5 years as a business.  Of course, the concept in some form goes back over 20 years to pre-internet days of hand drawing a zine that we photocopied and sent to friends.  Although, the platforms and distribution have changed the mission has always been the same, showing people (and their stories) in a positive light.  We’ve built it ourselves but with the support of friends.  In that time we had a couple kids that are now coming to the age of being able to help.  I don’t consider ourselves artists or entrepreneurs. I consider us life long learners and bootstrappers, I consider us “lifers”.  And in living our life we have been able to patiently forge relationships and a body of work that allows us to continue to live the life we love and support ourselves at the same time.

From the very beginning of the business, I have wanted a Van, the perfect mobile office and billboard since we work out of the house and travel to a lot of fun places.  The added benefit of being able to not only haul equipment but also people opened up the possibility for some travel by van.  So As we finish up our most successful year ever working with amazing clients like The Starboard restaurant group, the Big Fish Resturant Group, Freeman Stage, Pickles Pub, and many others. We decided to head south for some warmer weather.  In mapping out our quest, much like all of our life decisions,  there were really only two guiding principles Music and Food.  So we were gonna go see Stick Figure in St Petersburg Fl.  and we were gonna eat at Husk in Charleston NC on New Year’s Eve, anything else was just dressing.  But to repeat the old adage life’s a journey, not a destination, and our two “destinations” were wonderful and amazing but what follows in the video is a glimpse of the journey.