Philly Madness

Once again Madness returns for another adventure. Having some freedom to leave the office I wandered up north to the city of brotherly love! Not without a trusty sidekick of course. As we wander our way into Philadelphia, it is quickly established that as always we have no clue where we are going and what we are going to do. Allegedly it is the “Philly” thing where places open way past noon and every place has dark lighting. If you couldn’t already tell by the video. As we wander around waiting for one of my favorite bars Frankford Hall in Fishtown to open we stumble upon a hole in the wall, where we plopped down and devised a “plan” on what to do with our day. So far we came up with the following: Bars, Sightsee and make it to dinner. In true madness style, of course, this agenda was completed. Having a liquid lunch diet can be hard for some humans, but for us it was easy. Next thing we knew we were off to the Philadelphia Art Museum. As stated in many moments or times I have been on camera I am quoted most saying “I have no idea what I’m doing” or “who let us in this place we shouldn’t be allowed.” Well, try putting two clueless people in a quiet museum what does that get you? The answer to this equation is a lot of eye rolls. Realizing our nonsense can only go so far we hopped into an Uber and traveled to Love City Brewery! One of the coolest drinking environments around Philadelphia as we sit down and reflect on our time and shenanigans from the day we had nothing more to say other then the city of brotherly love treated us pretty well!