“One Girl 5 Beers” VB Vlogging

Sometimes you need a break from life. So that is precisely what I did. Packed a bag and traveled down to good ole Virginia Beach. Some may think of all places to go on a long weekend you choose there? Yes! I do its hard to explain why I am so in love with such an area, but it feels like home. We all know Delaware is small and our beach towns are even smaller so try leaving a place for 48 hours where you don’t have to turn a corner and run into half the town and their moms. (Yeah I’m that popular deal with it humans!) Between all the local bars breweries and restaurants why not share them with you? In the ever most basic way… Vlogging! *cue eye roll* I could go on and blab to you about how amazing, and fun my trip was (which it was thank you very much!) Or you can watch.