“Keeping the Tradition Alive”

As the summer dies down, many people have only one holiday in their minds…Christmas! At Landis Tree Farm Christmas is always in the heads of owners Jim and Lorna Landis. What started as a dream became a reality, for these two¬†Delawareans in 1990. For years both Jim and Lorna Landis balanced full-time jobs and long hours putting in work into their farm. A year later they retired and dove in head first into their dream project. With age comes obstacles but these two continue to work almost every day in helping keep the “tradition alive.” By providing Christmas trees and giving many of there customers a personable touch to add to there holiday experience.¬†If you like cute little elders in flannels and grandmas homemade cookies yes I genuinely mean homemade cookies then you really should come to check out this farm. With the help of friends and family, these two tackle the weekends building up to Christmas to give people that family Christmas emotional feeling that is hard to explain, but it compares to the feeling when you sit down and watch Christmas movies with cliche snowy outdoorsy background. I can confidently say I’ve never met two people so interested and passionate about Christmas trees. The list is endless on how I could sell you on how cute these people are but candidly their hard working spirit at such an advanced age is a enough to be said.