Dewey Raw EP 35 “Limited number of ‘That Guy’ encounters”

As many of you know St. Paddy’s Day fell on a Saturday this year, many of you can attest to whether this was a good thing or bad thing. Not only did the staff at The Starboard need to mentally prepare for such a crowd, we at GCFL thought it was best to be at service. In doing so we released our PSA “Don’t Be That Guy.” Having the thought that this would bring ease to our staff as well as The Starboard staff and hopefully help keep all you weekend warriors dignity intact. Not only is this Dewey Raw Episode a St. Paddy’s themed one it is also our redemption episode from our previous post-gala party podcast. With our dignity intact, a mimosa in one hand and microphone in the other we were ready to survey Dewey’s finest Sunday Funday crowd. With our curiosity at an all high we set out for four things: How did our PSA work out? Stories of “That Guy” from the beloved Starboard staff. Will Justin ever know what to do with his hands? What is the craze with Slime? As we set out to see how our PSA worked out we encountered a few humans that either had been “that guy” or have had encounters with that guy! Quickly, learning the importance of how to NOT be that guy 101 was to remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint!

Talking to the staff who participated in our PSA, they were quick to say that# DBTG seemed to help very well not only with staff but with other patrons as well.  Look, we understand and fully accept that there is always going to be that guy, however, let’s try to not be a “That Guy.” I cannot stress enough to you people I’ve been that guy, reading this you’re now probably thinking “Shoot I am that guy too!” It happens we have all been that guy! You will hear about many of our participants in this interview talking about there moments has “that guy” or one of the staff’s stories on the most infamous that guy moment that they came across this opening weekend.

We also switch our party style off for a hot minute to talk to some young entrepreneurs who taught us a thing or two about slime. As you tune in to this episode whether you watch it or listen, keep in the back of your head to always remember to not be “that guy” because this is not just for Opening Weekend this is for any weekend throughout the entire summer! Yes, I just said the entire summer, I have faith that we can all be our best-drunk self without being “That Guy.” It can be rather easy just remember there is nothing wrong with having a little good clean fun.