The Spirit of Sagamore | An Experience That Does Not Compare.

It’s no secret that we often take our fun more seriously than we take ourselves, so when the opportunity for some serious fun in Baltimore popped by by way of the Sagamore Pendry Hotel, Sagamore Spirits and their associated restaurants, we were ALL over it. And boy was it fun. With the help of one of Todd’s old high school buddies (who just so happens to now be the President of Weller Development, the group overseeing the development of Port Covington), we embarked upon a weekend of work and play. ‘Play’ being had of course as we enjoyed all of these fine establishments, and ‘work’ as we learned more about the ins and outs of Sagamore, along with Weller Developments’ aspirations to help our beloved Baltimore realize its potential as a world-class city. 

Since we were already slated to be in Baltimore for the Frozen Harbor Music Festival, it was the perfect opportunity for us to treat ourselves to a two-night stay at the new Sagamore Pendry Hotel – you know, the one that’s been getting a ton of accolades and buzz lately, including a nod in Travel and Leisure Magazine as one of the ‘Best New Hotels in the World.’ *Spoiler alert: the accommodations and level of service did not disappoint. In fact, the entire experience thoroughly impressed, leaving us with that shiny new, baller status feel that only a weekend at a swanky hotel can provide. On the top of our must-do list was drinks at the Rye Street Tavern and a tour of the distillery in Port Covington. This little outing was of course enhanced by the VIP boat ride we scored, but the experience would have been top-notch regardless. The Rye Street Tavern was perfectly warm and cozy on a cold Saturday night, with a couple of Sagamore Old Fashioneds to boot. The tour was both informative and entertaining, giving us that rush of good ol’ Maryland pride that we all know and love but admittedly sometimes forget. Next up, good food of course! Upon returning to the Pendry for dinner at the Rec Pier Chophouse, we were ushered to our table where the group service was on lock. We counted 5 people who ‘touched’ our table, welcoming us and getting us hospitably settled before we had even ordered a thing. The sommelier was equally on point, and thankfully void of the uppityness that they can sometimes carry with them. Steaks were prepared to perfection in both temperature and char, leaving us feeling full, happy, and again, like a couple of badass ballers enjoying a night out in one of our favorite cities. We can’t say enough about the entire experience, but rest assured we will be back for more adventures that we will undoubtedly share with you all.