A Very Basic Christmas

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Tis’ the season for all things Christmas and all things basic. In between the crowds of cute elderly people and families weaving in and out of the gardens, you will come across two types of people. The basics and then there is people like me. Allow me to introduce myself my name is Maddie Thomas and I am a professional people watcher. If you are from the Delaware area, up North than you will most likely visit Longwood Gardens during the winter. With over 1,077 acres of gardens and woodlands it is bound to feed any basic bitch’s soul. With the lights, Christmas decorations and easy access to the beer garden your Christmas spirits are bound to be bright! Put on your UGG boots, drag your S.O. and don’t forget to SnapChat because we all know if you didn’t snap it then was it even real? Due to the weird weather conditions this season it has been hard to get into the Christmas spirit so dragging my friend to Longwood Gardens seemed like the perfect way to get me in the holiday spirit. Upon our arrival to Longwood we decided that we wanted to have a posh classy night. Safe to say our commentary and divine people watching skills proved otherwise.

First stop was the beer garden to find ourselves something classy to sip on during are attempt to be posh. Thanks to Victory Brewing Company our attempts fell short. The inner flower child in us quickly turned our plan to be posh and refined into frolicking freaks! Running around the greenhouse screaming oooh and ahhhh and making commentary at any annoying basic couples that we saw. Longwood Gardens is incredible and easily feeds the inner plant lover in you. Not only does it feed that but the people there will not disappoint! You have the basic bitches sporting their sponsor UGG, the cute elderly people that you want to shrink and put in your pocket and the family balancing about four screaming children. In between the lights, the history and all things plant like I couldn’t help but wonder “how much electricity is this costing them?” If you want to get your nature on Longwood is the place for you it is far from amateur!

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