Dewey Raw ep 32 – “Is it really closing weekend ?”

Years ago the Starboard would shut down along with the entire town. the closing party was a real chance for all the Dewey faithful to have on last hurrah as well as the staff to blow of steam.  The problem is nowadays the starboard is a victim of its own popularity and demand.  So if the people demand it there has to be a piece of that stays open year round, enter the shark tank pub.  As the starboard goes so goes the town and with this demand, there are more and more places in Dewey that remain open year-round, more options for the Dewey faithful and more competition for the businesses which breeds success for everyone. 

So it may not close but there is a decided shift, there is a large part of the Starboard that closes including the main bar and dining room. As well as the staff thins as their shoeboxes full of tip money from working back to back 18hr doubles are traded in for plane tickets to far flug places.  However, there is still a great rotation of familiar faces all year long.  As the tide slowing changes to a more year-round or two-season town/ business the question becomes what should we call that weekend in November?