“Get A Job” Catching Lightning in a Bottle

by: Justin Acita

This evening I took the boys on a twilight stroll through the neighborhood. The sun was nearly set and we got our first glimpse of lightning bugs this year. Hendrix is finally old enough to grasp the concept of attempting to snatch them out of the air and shake them in his hand until he sees that cosmic glow. The look of amazement in his eyes as he watched that seemingly ordinary black bug magically light up his little fist was priceless. It got me thinking about why societal norms force us to grow up, and lose sight of the small activities that light up our hearts. Why can’t we always be so enthralled by the chance to run through our yards, catch a bunch of glowing bugs, and throw them in a jar.

In most areas you’re expected to ‘Grow Up, get a ‘real job’, put that job and your daily responsibilities before all else, enjoy your few hours of adult like leisure activities on the weekends after the house and yard work are done.

NOT IN OUR TOWN! I recently had a few friends visit and wonder why everyone seems so youthful and pleasant (for the most part.) It’s because although we work hard, we never lost the concept of playing even harder!
I’m so lucky to live in an area where it’s not just acceptable but normal to have tattoos, to hit a pool bar on lunch break, go to work with salt in my hair and sand on my skin. 
It’s not frowned upon to be an adult and still bomb the boardwalk on a longboard, play hookie from work on a Tuesday because the waves are pounding, ride bikes with your friends, or grab a few more beers than you probably should at a bar on date night. 
I love the fact that I have friends that can travel for months in the winter and tell me stories of their journeys, that I get to do on a weekly basis what others wait all year to do on vacation, and that everyday I have a pretty solid chance of getting shit on by a seagull.
I’m grateful for the friends I have of all ages, races, and even friends like Herb who I’m pretty sure believes he’s a pirate. I love how there is so little judgement and so much willingness to lend a hand to someone in need. I’m thankful that my boys will get to grow up in such a fantastic town filled caring hardworking dreamers who chose to never stop chasing lightning bugs!

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