Artist Spotlight – The Hooplas

We sat down with The Hooplas for an interview at their sweet secret practice spot located somewhere on the eastern shore to find out what this eclectic foursome has in store.  The Hooplas, made up of twin brothers Adam and Ben Martin,  on Guitar/Vocals and Bass/Vocals respectively, Cody Bush – Lead Guitar/Vocals, and Love Child  (Daaryn Stellaroffer) on Drums, claim to have a song for everyone.   Their varied backgrounds in musical taste and lyrically driven songs offer a high-octane voice about real life, that is often heard with the more mellow sounds of appropriated reggae.  

These guys were impressive not only as musicians but also in their dedication, drive, and outlook on what matters.  I was impressed by their humility and welcoming attitude.  I think they meant it when they offered to have me stay for the whole practice session which usually goes all night and at some points include cheap whiskey and Grand Theft Auto.  But don’t misinterpret, they are not just kids in a clubhouse, they are prolific with writing, understand the importance of quality recordings and videos, and have a focus on doing what they do and adapting to the ever-changing world of independent musicians.