Summer is Coming

Summer is Coming


“When you play the game of thrones, you win or die”


The circumstances aren’t quite as dire here in Ocean City as they are in King’s Landing (and lord knows we are all grateful to not have a Lannister stalking about town), but nonetheless there is a feeling of excitement and impending doom in the air. Excitement over the grand return of summer, doom over the realization that senior weekers will soon descend upon us like a swarm of White Walkers.


In our fair lands, summer is everything. Warm weather returns, business picks up once again, there’s more live music around town to enjoy, our favorite businesses are open…what’s not to love about summer?? For us, summer means more chances to do what we do best, having some documenting it along the way. I mean really, is there anything better than a night out in Ocean City? Or a day spent at the beach? An afternoon hopping from pool bar to pool bar? Nope. There really isn’t. A trip to Mother’s or Pit n’ Pub, a stop at Malibu’s for a chat with Lee and a look at the waves, grabbing a drink at Pickles or  Backshore, before a sunset happy hour at Fish Tales. And that’s just the beginning.
As we gear up for the summer season and all of the debauchery, fanfare, and good, clean, fun that lies ahead, it’s only fitting that we salute the valiant business owners, servers, bartenders, musicians – hell the whole lot of you – for battling the summer crowds and making sure this town stays exactly how we like it. You make Ocean City what it is, and for that we salute you. Let’s all raise our mugs, and cheers to summer 2017!

Todd DeHart

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