When One Summer Ends, Another Begins!

For those of you reaching for the pumpkin spice lattes and your overpriced, faux-leather boots, hold on just a damn second. Not to knock the fall-lovers or the season itself, but it is in fact still summer (for another few weeks at least), and in that vein, it is time to celebrate THE most wonderful time of year – September. Why is September the most wonderful time of year you ask? Obviously, I am going to tell you…

  1. Begone Tourists: While there are a number of events that will still bring tourists to Worcester County over the next few months, it’s safe to say that the onslaught of tourons has come to an end for 2016. Hooray! For our friends in the service industry, it’s what you’ve been (impatiently) waiting for – that moment when you can breathe a sigh of relief, count your riches, and enjoy the town. You finally remember what it is you love about living at the beach and it’s &*!%-ing glorious.
  2. Reclaim the Throne: With the tourists gone, locals get the chance to enjoy the beach in it’s entirety. No battles for parking. No long lines to get out to Assateague. No white trash families smoking cigarettes or setting up camp directly next to you on the beach as you try to capitalize on your brief moments of peace. Ahhhh. &*!%-ing glorious.
  3. Wonderful Weather: With the exception of the half-assed hurricane that we recently experienced, September typically yields perfect weather. It’s no longer hot as balls but it’s not yet cold enough to make you think that you’ve taken up residence in Winterfell. You can hit the beach, bike on the boardwalk, lounge on your front porch, or venture outside of the two-mile radius you’ve been limiting yourself to these past few months. &*!%-ing glorious.
  4. Treat Yo’ Self: And now that we’ve reclaimed the town, it’s time to actually enjoy it, which includes our favorite restaurants and local watering holes. You know, the places you’ve been wanting to go all summer but avoided due to traffic and idiots? Where are we planning on going in Ocean City?

Seacrets: Yep, we love a good afternoon of day drinking on the beaches of Jamaica USA, but not when you run the risk of being puked on or twerked on. This time of year, we find ourselves gravitating back to Seacrets to pretend like summer will live on forever and ever and ever…

clamming for a cure-6383

Fish Tales: Another favorite for day drinking, Fish Tales also promises the best views for an epic September sunset. While it’ll be completely overrun (but fun) for Bike Week, a few hours in the swinging with their award-winning Bloody Mary’s is definitely in our very near future.

Belly Busters: Only open for another six weeks or so, Belly Busters is a must for September dining. For starters, crabs are at their best and fattest this time of year, and Belly Busters serves them up with local beer and the best cheesesteaks and steamed shrimp in town. Or fish tacos. Or burgers. Or shrimp salad. Or jerk chicken wraps. You get the idea.

Any place on the boardwalk: Let’s face it, the boardwalk is a veritable nightmare from June – Labor Day. September is the time to grab your bike and go on a bar crawl downtown, with stops at Peppers, Cork Bar, The Alibi Room, Shenanigans, and Riptide all on the agenda.

5. September is &*!%-ing glorious. Enough said.

Before we know it, the holidays will be here followed by the long, cold, dreary days of winter. Let’s all band together and pretend that’s not on the horizon and instead revel in the glory that is September. You have all winter to sleep, binge on Netflix, and get fat on pumpkin spice lattes, so why not get outside and enjoy the best time of year.