Mystery Girl Still at Large Ahead of 20th Annual Running of the Bull

Mystery Girl 2Michael McDonnell and 35 friends decided to pay tribute to Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls in 1997. Back then, it was a slightly boozy, mostly harebrained idea…the product of late night banter and the impression that was left after McDonnell visited Spain and went to the Festival of San Fermin the year before.

Of course it’s a little hard to get a real bull on such late notice, so a few adjustments had to made. They rented a bull costume, named a matador, and the friends embarked on what would become a Starboard annual tradition: The Running of the Bull. Now, the weekend is a fully operational, absolutely fabulous, and wholly ridiculous spectacle that is an essential rite of passage for any Dewey Beach lover.

This year, unbelievably, the tradition turns 20 years old, and McDonnell is looking back with a bit of nostalgia, and a lot of mystery. He knows everyone who attended that first run, many of them friends who continue to take part in the Bull Run as it has matured into an eventful weekend, complete with a children’s run earlier in the day. But there is one woman he cannot seem to find, or even name. He has dubbed her, “Mystery Girl.”

Earlier in the year, McDonnell put out a campaign on FaceBook and local media to try and find this Mystery Girl. The details are a little fuzzy, but he does have a picture. Still, no one can seem to find her, despite their efforts. Does she walk among us? Is she a high powered lawyer in an upscale boutique law firm in New York City? Has she moved to the Midwest and lives in a cabin in the mountains with no Internet and that’s why we haven’t located her?

We don’t know….but as the 20th Annual Bull Run gets closer and closer, The Starboard, and the original runners are eager to find Mystery Girl. We implore the public: help unite the original runners! Help us find Mystery Girl!

Any information on this woman can go to Michael McDonnell. Email him at We only have until July 9th to find her, so if you know this woman, please come forward.