Summer Preview: Sunshine, Sunshine, Sunshine….and Tequila

[text_output]I’m not one for looking for the silver lining, so when people try to give a positive spin to the rainy, dreary spring we’ve been enduring, I want to punch them in the face (there’s no point in sugar-coating it, that’s how I feel). Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s good for the lawn, blah blah blah, my flowers look amazing…but what about the fact that the majority of the people I know have been on the verge of a mental breakdown from lack of consistent sunlight. Vitamin D has become the new ‘it’ drug on Delmarva, with everyone and their mother desperate to get a hit. Needless to say, we are anxiously awaiting the debut of the summer season at GCFL, which we hope will include copious amount of sunshine, an abundance of warm weather, and plenty of time spent lounging at our favorite summertime spots:[/text_output]

The Starboard Raw

The Starboard opened up a new location recently, and it’s conveniently located just across the street, making it easy for us to stumble back and forth if we are so inclined. With a name like The Starboard Raw it should come as no surprise that the focal point is a raw bar, complete with a variety of oysters for us to slurp down on the regular. The drink menu is another major selling point, with particular attention to be paid to the oyster shooters and the Sauza Crush. [/text_output]

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Fish Tales

For summer sunsets, Fish Tales is high on our list of go-to spots, particularly during the beginning of the week when the crowds aren’t quite as obnoxious. This year, we’ll be frequenting the bayside bar and restaurant for the kids; their recent expansion of the kids area is stellar, which makes for a perfect outing for the entire family (everyone wins…woohoo!). [/text_output]

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Macky’s Theme Nights

Oh Macky’s, we are so glad to be back inside you again (wait…). Seriously though, Macky’s is one of our favorite summer spots for a reason – theme nights! This summer you’ll find us hosting the Tuesday theme nights once again, which means we have a legitimate excuse to dress up in ridiculous costumes all summer long. Friends, we better be seeing you ALL in your finest this summer at Macky’s.[/text_output]

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Oh Coconuts, between the beach volleyball, the insanely cheap (and dangerous) happy hour special, and the rare chance to legally drink on the beach, it’s easy to see why it’s a favorite. Live music can be heard on the regular and many an afternoon has been spent here enjoying some sunshine and maybe a few tequilas. [/text_output]

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Paradise Grill

Alright guys, pay attention because this is a new one, at least for us anyway. Paradise Grill in Longneck, DE is primed to be our new favorite summer spot. Think Seacrets meets Brew River meets Fish Tales….but in Longneck so take advantage of the chance to break out of your comfort zones and try something new. There’s ample space for docking your boats, tons of outside seating, and a massive playground for the kids (so everyone wins again).

Alright, but what are we REALLY looking forward to this summer?!?

Seriously, just be sunny and warm so I don’t murder anyone. Until then…no promises.


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Ali Baker

Ali is a relative newcomer to the GCFL gang, but she packs a serious punch with quick wit, snappy retorts, and an affinity for writing about food, booze, events, and the best that the Eastern Shore has to offer (and no, that’s not meant to be ironic - the Eastern Shore is awesome, get on board with it). When Ali isn’t busy touting the GCFL brand about town, you can find her binge watching Netflix, pretending to complete Pinterest projects, and obsessively planning her next meal. Don’t like what she has to say? Too bad. You’ve already read it. She wins.