Date Your Friends!

[text_output]At Good Clean Fun Life, we are blessed (don’t worry I will leave the obnoxious #blessed out of this) to have a group of friends that are not only fun to enjoy a night out with, but are actually interesting and engaging people. Recently, we’ve collectively made the choice to spend more face time with one another…and no I DO NOT mean Facetime in the iPhone sense. What I mean is good old-fashioned face to face time between two human beings. Shocking and provocative, I know. In a world where we spend entirely too much time with our noses pressed to our phone screens, there is something so goddamn refreshing about having a real conversation with someone – a conversation where you look into their eyes, listen (key word here being listen) to their thoughts and ideas, and return the favor by contributing your own thoughts and ideas to the conversation. And so begins the trend of dating your friends…

For me, food and cocktails make the world go ‘round, so when it comes to making the effort to date your friends, it stands to reason that dinner and drinks was soon to follow. First up on the chopping block, a dinner date at Yellowfins in Fenwick. Our virgin voyage to the Route 54 bar and restaurant was uncharted territory, but our fearless leader promised good times complete with excellent food and well-priced drinks. Upon entering, we were greeted with a friendly staff (bonus points already for not being surly, annoyed, or bored with our presence). After inquiring about the happy hour specials, I was delighted (ok, let’s be honest, over-the-top thrilled is the more apt description) to learn that rail drinks are $2.50 until 7pm…all day…every day. Sold! I quickly considered the logistics of moving into the back space of the bar and living out the rest of my days in vodka bliss; because if there is anything that I love more than a strong vodka drink, it’s a good deal. Yellowfins, you had me at ‘happy hour specials.’

Ok, ok, enough about the drinks specials. You’re wondering if the food was any good. Two words for you friends – tuna nachos. We had heard whisperings of this magical dish, but it wasn’t until it arrived at our table that we knew we had struck gold. For starters, the portion was beyond generous. What arrived (look to the pictures for the real proof) was an artful pile of chips drizzled with a sampling of housemade sauces – one of which I considered drinking between sips of vodka – and piled high with seaweed salad and studded with chunks of tuna. Needless to say the wait while photos were snapped was interminable.


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[text_output]Upon hearing that it was Taco Night, it was quickly decided that we would all be indulging in tacos. Several takes on mahi tacos were ripe for the choosing, along with a shrimp option. We ordered one of each…and then inhaled them all. The proverbial icing on the cake was definitely the pickled vegetables.

With no room for dessert, we opted instead to move to the bar to properly round out the ‘date your friends’ experience by engaging in meaningful conversation. We won’t bore you with the details, but will instead conclude with a call to action for YOU ALL to take the time out of your busy Instagram-stalking-schedules to make a date with a friend and truly catch up on what is happening in their lives. And not the ‘made for social media’ version of their lives – the real-deal, beautiful mess of their lives. You’ll thank us that you did. Cheers![/text_output]