Time to #MakeItHappen in 2016

Ugh. New Year’s Eve. Quite possibly the most overrated night out of the year, and yet, you still found the GCFL crew right in the midst of the over-hyped madness, crammed together on Main Street like a proverbial pack of sardines, staring dumbfoundedly at a ball suspended in the air making its painfully slow descent. We cheered, we kissed, we drank champagne…yada, yada, yada….Happy New Year. But with the new year comes the onslaught of 2016 predictions, resolutions, and affirmations. Truth be told, we gave up on resolutions a few years ago, after realizing that half-hearted pledges to ‘be better’ in the new year often fell short of their grandeur by February 1. Ok, ok, before you stop reading and opt for some positive, gag-worthy memes about ‘New Year, New You!’ bear with us. It’s not that we aren’t all about the positive upswing in 2016, in fact, that is exactly what we are about in 2016. The difference is, we want to set attainable goals for GFCL in the new year…something simple that we can hang our hat on today, tomorrow, and onward through winter, spring, summer and fall. So we humbly present: 2016, the year of #makeithappen!


So we haven’t exactly reinvented the wheel with this one, but we never claimed to be rocket scientists. The idea was born from a few conversations we had about what we, as a team, want to be doing differently in 2016; which evolved into a conversation about what we want to see our clients and our community as a whole doing in 2016. The answer was simple: we want to see everyone making it happen this year. ‘It’ doesn’t have to be losing 25 pounds, giving up alcohol, or running a marathon (although if it is, more power to you). ‘It’ can be anything that makes you, your business, or your community grow or evolve in a positive way. ‘It’ may not be noticeable to anyone but you, or it may result in a significantly improved bottom line (or waist line for that matter). Making it happen in 2016 will mean you took a leap of faith, you made moves, you tried something new…you did something. Anything. So when the dreaded ball drop rolls back around in 2017, you can look back and say, well, life got in the way again this year with a few curve balls, but damn if I didn’t #makeithappen in 2016. Join the GCFL team as we #makeithappen in 2016. Follow our story and share you stories with us. Together, we will #makeithappen…or at least have some good,clean, fun along the way.