A Drunk History Parody: History of The Bloody Mary Cocktail

Our most recent undertaking embodies a lot of that philosophy.  The idea for a Drunk History parody came while sitting in the kitchen with a new young contributor/producer that we first met as the Bloody Mary Bar Manager at The Starboard.  Huber has been part of The Starboard family for 10 years and has always had an interest in video and production.  Having him help us out seemed a natural fit.  The goal for this project was to update the video loop that plays behind the world famous bloody mary bar that has over 800 ingredients and countless combinations so you can create you very own Bloody.  Huber and I discussed a number of different ideas but when the Idea of doing a Drunk History parody hit, we were off to the races.  

Convincing “the talent” or the cast of characters from The Starboard was not too difficult (except for Beef who like to make Huber sweat).  Elliot was an obvious choice to be the narrator because of his love for the camera, getting drunk and running his mouth.  Beef looked the part and Huber was a natural since he was there from the beginning and is more familiar with the contents of the bloody mary bar anyone else.  Mike, Kara, Natalee and myself rounded out the small bit parts with ease.  Although one of my favorite last minute additions was Big Matt to play “the Russian” which was actually a little offensive to him as he gruffly reminded us the he is Armenian and proud.  It’s worth pointing out the support staff that was there the night of The Starboard filming session: Toastie for getting my director’s chair and Doug for providing the laugh track for the evening (which was not required, but still).

Two long shoots and lots and lots of time editing, I maybe bit off more than I could chew with the visual effects, but we have a piece that is fun, informative and downright hilarious.  Please enjoy it and share it.  Hopefully Comedy Central doesn’t come after us and we can have a bloody with Derek Waters, the original show’s creator.