Sip & Savor Wine Society Dinners at 99 Sea Level | Bethany Beach DE

wine-society-flyer-final_Most wine novices know how daunting it can be to stare down at an extensive wine menu, wondering what to order. While taking suggestions from experienced servers is helpful, there is no replacement for the great feeling one gets when they can confidently order a bottle to pair with their meal. Wine education, though, can be hard to come by; this is where the mission of the new Sip and Savor Wine Society dinners that have just launched at 99 Sea Level in Bethany Beach aim to fill a niche.

Both educational as well as having a social element, the new coursed dinners take place every Thursday and feature four courses with four paired glasses of wine. The wines are hand selected by the staff and approved by Chef Danio Somoza. Each are appropriately paired for both enjoyment and education. The wines are diverse, hitting a range of countries of origin as well as showcasing both red and white varieties.

The dinners feature the elegance and innovation the community has come to expect from 99 Sea Level and Chef Somoza. The meals are seasonal, creative, and when paired with the wines, the experience of the Sip and Savor Society dinners becomes encompassing. Devon Nolan, a manager at 99 Sea Level, has been working to evolve the wine education dinners and is excited about where they are heading. “There is a social aspect to it.” She explains, “people felt comfortable speaking with one another about the wines and the different courses—that’s something we are eager to expand on.”

Each dinner will include a presentation on the wine that is being served that night. For example, the first wine dinner had a representative from the wine distributor who spoke about the vineyard and wine history. Whether you are looking to expand your already seasoned palate, or to learn more about wine in general, the educational slant is one that caters to everyone.

The Sip and Savor Wine Society also offers a “passport” to those who attend the dinners regularly. After three dinners, diners will be given exclusive offers, such as 15 percent off. Each dinner is $39.99, and five dollars of each ticket goes to a local charity, which will rotate. 99 Sea Level accepts reservations for their wine dinners, and they can’t wait to see you there. For more information, visit their website or call 302-539-0299.