Who Doesn’t Love Bumpin’ Uglies? | Review of Sublime With No One

Well that too but this time I’m talking about the band.  This east coast ska/punk/reggae band is as hardworking as they come. Coming off of two mini tours of 65 dates between March and August, they somehow found time to lay down some new tracks in between. Not to mention having the heart of the band, Brandon Hardesty, getting hitched in the midst of all this.  

On a side note , with the increasing popularity of wedding hashtags Brandon and his new wife Sophia, had one of the best in recent memory with #‎PartyHardesty‬.

In the world of white boy reggae there are few that can pull it off with finding their own identity.  Bumpin’ Uglies do just that.  The music of frontman Brandon is complemented by the bass of big man Dave Wolf, similar to the physical difference of the two and conjures an image of Han and Chewy starting a band and the best example is right on the first track Warning.  The reason that white boy reggae is a popular genre is because it is generally “feel good” music that is easily digestible like sitting on the boardwalk in Ocean City drinking a Natty Light at the Riptide.  However, There is a lot of depth behind the upbeat easy going sound of this act in particular.  You can look at the number of times they have crossed the nation or the enterprising nature of streaming live acoustic acts from Brandon’s kitchen as solid proof of the dedication to performing and producing quality music. Their self deprecating nature is evident in the title of their most recent EP Sublime With No One.  An obvious nod to the band who started the white boy reggae movement but also a trolling of the unfortunate state of Sublimes own identity struggles after the loss of their frontman Bradley Nowell, who succumbed to his demons almost 20 years ago.

The only demons apparent on the new EP for Bumpin’ Uglies might be the fact they are getting older.  That and maybe a little too much whiskey and swearing.  All of the songs have a social  commentary on the scene as well as society, whether it is biting like it is in Social Ladders or in the more light hearted anthem of “getting older but sure as hell not growing up” in Maturity.

Bumpin Uglies have been hard at work having a good time for a long time now.  If the whole EP represents the stages of getting older in the music scene, Fuck It  is definitely the final acceptance.  It resonates with anyone who wants to work on their craft instead of “perfecting the trick.”  I for one agree that “passion is a bitch, you should get to know her”

If Brandon, the self proclaimed “Highly functional basket case” is worried about his legacy haunting him in the popularity contest that is life, he need not . The Bumpin Uglies legacy will be based on the many people who feel the same way and struggle with the same lessons.   

a2228318847_16Check out the New Bumpin Uglies EP “Sublime With No One” is out!

You can download it from their Bandcamp .  It is worth the 5 bucks to support good original music.

Also,  check them out on the road as the are this week starting another 30 date tour with brothers in arms Pasadena.  Find your local tour dates and get out and see these guys put on a great show

Some raw footage from a show this summer at Macky’s Bayside in Ocean City, MD