Sunday Funday Football | Fall Preview Part 1

Much like the Sunday Funday, we have a love/hate relationship with fall:

Loves: Wardrobe Changes, Fall Beer, Chilly Nights, Firepits, FOOTBALL, Chili Nights (not to be confused with chilly nights), Flannel, BEARDS, Fall Specials, HALLOWEEN, Fall Festivals

Hates: The impending return of cold weather. Excessive use of pumpkin flavoring. The impending return of cold weather. Excessive use of pumpkin flavoring.

You can see where our dilemma truly lies. We welcome the break from the heat, but only for about one month and then we’re ready for summer again. We welcome the fall flavors, but not ad nauseum as the norm now dictates. Last year, we saw pumpkin flavored Pop Tarts, muffins and doughnuts (ok, so these are perfectly acceptable), but when pumpkin spice started showing it’s sassy little self in the form of Jello, peanut butter, marshmallows, and Pringles…it was clear the obsession had gone too far.

Nonetheless, we push onward and upward at GCFL, reveling in the old-school glory of fall: food, football and beer. The glorious trifecta that we gladly indulge in now that bikinis are off the table for another ten months.

Whether you are a die hard football fan or simply one of the bandwagoners that’s in it for the camaraderie, football brings in the fall season with a bang (followed closely behind by a hangover from those heavy fall beers). Specials can be found in just about every watering hole from Salisbury to Lewes, so the real decision maker comes down to environment. Simple stated, where do you want to sit for several hours, stuff your face, uncomfortably digest, yell at the television like cavemen, and cry openly in the face of defeat. It’s a decision that should not be taken lightly:

Crab House: $1 oysters, $1 PBRs, $.50 raw clams, and $.20 wings?! Yeah, we’re looking at you Crab House. They’re also touting $4, $5, and $6 appetizer specials along with a $15 beer tower, so come in stretchy pants and be ready to indulge to your heart’s content.

Summer House: With 22 HDTVs, Summer House caught our eye last year for football season, and you can bet we’ll be back again this year…particularly for the $12 bottomless bloody or mimosa offering from noon until 3pm for brunch. Monday Night Football brings half-priced burgers along with Mug Night too.

Leaky Pete’s: In Berlin, the town’s newest restaurant addition is opening it’s doors on Sundays JUST for football which is pretty awesome in our book….so are their wing sauce options (ahem, cinnamon chipotle).

Seacrets: Seacrets is on the verge of having their own zip code (no, we’re not serious) so it stands to reason that they have the biggest option for viewing the game – their massive projector screen. Throw in some jerk chicken and a few drink and raw bar specials and we’re sold.

The Starboard: When there is an entire wall dedicated to Bloody Marys, you know we’ll be there for a Sunday, Bloody Sunday…football style. Plus there’s a fancy fire pit to congregate around when the weather turns chilly.

Brew River: In Salisbury, Brew River does not take football season lightly. With the NFL ticket, $3.50 ‘Big Ass’ drafts, $5 craft beers, $5.50 crushes, $1 oysters, $6.99 wings and fish tacos, and $5 bombs, you can see why Brew River is the unofficial football headquarters of Salisbury. Truth be told, they had us at Big Ass drafts.

Alright, alright, before you start accusing us of being in bed with the NFL and blindly pushing the FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL agenda, we’ll wrap this piece up and leave you pondering what we have in store for the follow-up piece on fall beers and the annual GCFL Fall Beer Tasting. Hint: Todd is NOT a fan of the pumpkin beers.

More to come…at some unspecified point in time.

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