Happiest Fan Ever 20th Anniversary Foo Fighters Concert | Washington DC

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Thanks Ross for the ticket!

This past Saturday not only was July 4th, but also the Foo Fighters homecoming to celebrate their 20th Anniversary of the release of their self titled first album. Some were concerned the star studded concert would be cancelled, due to the recent mishap Dave Grohl had in Sweden, when he fell off stage during a performance and broke his leg. After confirmation that the show would go on, there was lots of chatter in the digital world trying to figure out how he would actually perform with his injury. We had to wait until after dark when the Foo Fighters finally went on stage.

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Foo Fighters 2011 Tour at Verizon Center

When I first heard tickets were going on sale for a concert in DC I was ecstatic! My favorite band back home, but the date was July 4th and at the time there was no way I could commit to a weekend away over such a big holiday. I resigned myself to the fact that work would have to come first, and maybe one day I would get to see the Foo Fighters yet again. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago… a friend and fellow super fan contacted me inviting me to go with him to the show. Oh my god! What would I do? How do I make that work? Todd said I had to go, once in a lifetime opportunity to not only see my all time favorite group, but some other incredible artists! So, decision was made, I was heading to DC early on July 4th, to what was one of the best shows I have ever been to.

Now, the last time I saw the band, I was lucky enough to have press access to their show at the Verizon Center, where for the first 3 songs I was maybe 10 feet from Dave Grohl. Nothing would beat that for this show, but I was still excited to see what the day would bring. Of course I still brought my camera, but knowing that it would be for shots that would be for me, documenting the experience.

After arriving in DC, we hopped on the Metro and made our short trek to RKF Stadium. I don’t think I had been there since an HFStival probably almost 20 years ago. To say the place has not aged well is an understatement. Paint peeling from every part of the structure, women’s restrooms flooded and the entire stands shook when people cheered and danced. They even ran out of food on the upper level, which was not so good for all of those who overindulged on the beverages. Lucky for me, I came prepared and wore my 22 year old Doc Martens, that would weather any storm, and found that they came most in handy for using the restroom. Because of my boots twice I was able to cut to the front of the line because most of the girls would not walk through the water to get to the center stalls (I am almost positive it was water). We found a good spot to campout that was under cover and straight on from the stage, so the sound was probably at its best. When the torrential downpour started we stayed nice and dry. The only delay that the weather caused was from potential lightning, but that didn’t even last long, nor did it quell the excitement form the crowd or the artists.

Now as for the performances, each one was spot on awesome. I have actually seen RDGLDGRN perform up close and personal at the Frozen Harbor Music Festival in Baltimore this past Baltimore, and was excited to hear them again. Trombone Shorty, Buddy Guy and Gary Clark Jr. are all acts that I would pay very good money to see in a small intimate venue, so that I could truly appreciate their incredible musical talent. They still blew away the crowd and we were in awe.

I had never been a Heart fan, yes I knew some of their music, but after watching Sonic Highways I gained an entire new respect for the female rock pioneers. Seeing them perform in front of a stadium full of people only solidified that feeling. Incredible!

In high school, we listened to a lot of rap and R&B, and LL Cool J was always a staple. Now he has not been as active as a musician of late, concentrating on his acting, but you could not tell at all when he commanded the stage, coming out to “Mama Said Knock You Out”.

WEB foo fighters anniversary-8738Obvious highlight of the night was the Foo Fighters taking the stage after a very long day. My friend and I sat and had a very serious conversation about how Dave was going to make his entrance and perform, joking that maybe he would come out on a Segway. When they raised the curtain and the throne was revealed, we laughed! Honestly, my friend even stated that out of the 12 times he has seen the Foo Fighters perform, this was one of the top couple. ┬áDave sitting for his performance did NOT hinder his electric persona on stage, nor the rest of the band. They performed like it was a regular concert, not an all day festival, and played for a long time…ending the show with some fun fireworks to celebrate the independence day.


The biggest thing I will take away form this concert, is that I didn’t let the concern of logistics get in the way, and I sat and enjoyed each moment instead of worrying about what I maybe should have been doing. I was being truly present, enjoying some incredible music, and the company of a good friend who was a day away from leaving the east coast for a new job. The biggest lesson I am learning this summer is to be in the now, be present and not get wrapped up in all the junk that comes with being part of the current world.

Thanks Ross for the ticket, and the fun day, best of luck in St. Paul!